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Wow, am I really at risk??

Had a bit of a shock the other day.  I've been waiting for a mental health initial assessment for a while now and finally had that first phone call.  I'd received all the paperwork about scoring how you feel on a day to day basis about certain situations, triggers, yourself and life in general.  I actually didn't think I was doing that badly, however after 20 minutes the woman stopped me and said 'how much preparation is in place to take your own life and do you need the crisis team?' That question totally floored me, I knew I was struggling with things, knew that day to day some days just didn't seem to happen and floated past me.  But wow, for someone to take a bunch of numbers against questions and then ask me that, it made me cry.

However, what then happened was it made me realise just how poorly my overall health actually is.  It was a real jolt back into reality and the realisation that I didn't want to be outside of my own head anymore.  It was a ma…

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