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Smut Marathon - what a learning curve!

I decided to enter the Smut Marathon for a number of reasons, and the main one was to push myself.  If I wanted to consider myself later as a writer I needed to see if I could write about different things.  The blog so far has been incredibly personal and on times very hard to write - and judging by the messages and feedback it's definitely touched a nerve with some of you.  However, I didn't want to get bogged down with just seeming to be gloomy all the time and the Smut Marathon seemed the perfect mix of erotic, kink, fun and challenge that was required.  If you want to see the other responses you can find them HERE

I sent off my email details thinking oh well I can chicken out later if necessary, no-one would need to know I bottled it at the last minute.  What I found very hard for the first assignment was not having any benchmark.  I've never written like that before, sure I've had saucy text conversations with lovers but that's an intimate, safe conversation …

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