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First Dates - hmm not all first impressions are good ones!!

Ok, so we've messaged for a bit and must admit yes you've made me giggle.  You don't appear to have offloaded any weird fetishes as oddly those with weird fetishes are VERY open about them and love to share right from the outset.  Many a half drunk glass of wine has been spat over the sofa reading them, but hey at least they allowed me to weed them out of the running quickly as it were.  And I'm not impressed at the wine wastage either so that's a double no no.  Offering to spank me rates pretty low too.

So, back to the messaging.  Guys, seriously I am not remotely interested in how long you spent fishing in the cold and dark, am not bothered what your Mother's favourite food is, I certainly don't want to know about your ex - unless of course you tried to do something bad and then I do want to know so I can avoid you immediately.  Dick pics are never acceptable, did get sent a very pretty one and it worried me how much time he'd spent on the lighting a…

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