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Locked away

Today was hard.  I've been meaning to reclaim my workspace for a long time but I knew there were old secrets hidden away in corners that I've deliberately avoided for many years, but wasn't prepared for how finding them would make me feel.

So first box, nothing extraordinary except for old dreadful first year Uni essays! Err yeah can see why the grade was what it was now, was fun finding them but no need to keep them anymore.  Anyway, box number 2 - that took the very light out of me.  Carefully labelled file wallets of various things that I had forgotten I had.  One folder contains all the debtor and bailiff letters wrongly attributed to me after he moved out yet still racked up debt in my name along with the court summons' I had to explain had nothing to do with me.  The next folder contained the detailed timeline as drafted by the solicitor of all his actions prior, during and post divorce - quite a list!  Truthfully I didn't read it all, didn't want to be …

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